Filippo is also a musician, more properly an organist.

He has dedicated the fifth perfume to Marcel Dupré

and his Symphonie- Passion,

A four-stroke opera born as an improvisation in 1921. 


Considered almost as “Not to be played”

because of its extreme difficulty, this symphony evokes exactly

the scent Filippo smelled when he went to Rouen and he approached

the organ inside the Saint Ouen Basilica

where Dupré's father used to play.

That damp and dusty wind, musky, fresh and spicy which also evokes mechanicals and wood gears coming from inside the instrument,

is fixated in the remembrance 

of Filippo who proposes it as extrait de parfum.


Flacon and top are faded to remember the matter

and the colour of that pipe organ case.


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  • extrait de parfum

    100 ml