is a perfume that commemorates a project by the photographer

Mario Giacomelli achieved in the sixties: children

and adolescents were often forced to study

in the Seminary as families could not afford to pay

for their studies so,

he shows the difficult choice of solitude and sacrifice.

This fragrance evokes Mario’s Tuscan cigars, evoking the acids

and inks of the darkroom where he used to print

his photographs blended with the sea fragrances

of the city of Senigallia, where Giacomelli lived.


The silver-greyed bottle recalls Mario’s camera,

the top is coated with a double leather that can be shaped

making one’s perfumed creation.

The top wants to evoke the photographer’s bag and the dance

of the seminary students, immortalized in those famous shots.


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  • extrait de parfum

    100 ml