Inspired by Ridley Scott’ film Hannibal, 

shot mostly in Florence,

it is synaesthetically focused on the moment

when Hannibal Lecter addresses a question to Clarice:

“Would you say to me: stop, if you love me stop?”

It is a constant search of each other, in two different ways,

in two different worlds. 

Each of them reveals their love in forms that try to tessellate:

one brings together the past, the present, the future 

the other one is unaware and does not realize 

that her way of looking for the other means to love him.


One runs looking for elegance, art,

hating the mediocrity of human,

arriving to extreme and insane points against

“rude and unsophisticated people”

or who in some way could upset the Universal Beauty.

The other one runs among the cold and impersonal choices of her life,

falling in love with an institution

who never will repay its adept.

Perfection would be boring without that shiver of twisting fear

that anybody should have just to cross a glance.

Fear is a very good seductress. 

But who can be afraid of those who love?

The vision now watches the opposite,

towards an “alter ego” that despite his freedom 

it is confined to the rigidities derived from the past and never overcome.

Just like seeing and believing, joys and suffering, 

tracing an infinite ideal by thought 

to love without borders and without restrictions… 

in a race that enhances this harmony.